It was raining pretty heavily today. Didn’t mind, though, because it meant two things: a.) I could try out the coat I got for Christmas, and b.) maybe there wouldn’t be so many people.

As for the first, the raincoat worked quite nice. My pants got wet, obviously, but my shirt was perfectly dry. 🙂

The second was less good. Certainly the streets weren’t nearly so packed, but all it meant is that they were even MORE tightly squeezed in to the shops.

So, what are you to do when the shops are full and it’s raining out? I just hung out and did homework and played some games. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Foot is back in commission, and I walked up instead of taking the bus, thank goodness. Fridays are “problems classes” – basically like tutorials – and for the most part pretty ignorable. Still, good to end on a lull.

One of my friends in the maths classes, Andrew, had to get to the train station, and rather than letting him wuss out and take the bus I showed him the walking shortcut. He mentioned that, “a week ago, seeing this on the bus, I never thought I’d walk it.” B)

Went to Sainsburys for some groceries, and uhh, that was pretty much it for the day. I should try to do more exciting stuff to merit having a blog, I know.  But the tourist plague starts on Friday and goes all weekend long ;_;. Maybe I can sneak up a hiking trail tomorrow or something.



Woke up early to go to Carpenter House and got the card issue sorted out. It was nice to go to class knowing I’d be allowed back in my room when I got back!

Taking the bus was awful. There was such a surge of students the first *three!* buses that arrived while I was there filled and went away without me. And when I could finally get a bus, had to pick the first available one because I was cutting the time really fine, and it wasn’t the type of bus I had the 10-trip pass for, so I had to fork over an extra 1.60 for a ride. 😥 Thankfully my foot pains are subsiding, cause I do not ever want to take the bus in the morning again.

Still, I was only a few minutes late, and my Sexual Conflict professor is always late too, so it worked out.

Went to the tutorials – it’s interesting that they have tutorials but their homework is largely optional, leading to a different atmosphere. It’s easily more relaxed, though I’m honestly not sure if it’s better.

Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup 0.10.0 dropped today, and I played it in the library again. Thankfully a lot of people play flash games there so I shouldn’t stand out especially much. I’m not the only person playing games there – though I am playing the best game anyone in that room is playing. Seriously, Angry Birds on your computer? :/

Anyway, once again, the line was preposterously long at the bus stop so I walked home. Played some more Dungeon Crawl, polished up my homework, and now it’s time for bed!

Foot was a little better, so I tried walking to class, even after telling my parents I’d bus. It worked, but it brought the pain right back to where it was.

After classes, went to the Youth Hostel Association hostel to get some details for the upcoming visits from friends and family. Basically – 2 people can get a private room, but 3 have to pay for the fourth bed they’re not using if they want it private. unsure if you can book as 3 in one room with the possibility of a fourth intruding, or if it’s just mandatory to pay for bed 4.

anyway, as I got home, realized something really awful. my card wasn’t working for the gates anymore! so I was locked out of the complex. luckily someone else from the complex came in pretty quickly and I just followed them in. still scary though.

Did a lot of trip planning with friends online. However, lost track of time while I was doing it, and I missed the one-hour block of time where housekeeping is open. (To be in UNL with 24 hour help desk!) so I was locked in for the night. No food aside from the pasta, sitting in my room, hungry because I had planned to get groceries tonight. was one of the worst nights and I forgot the blog again because I basically just turned off the computer and sat in bed being hungry and mad until I managed to fall asleep.

Whoops, sorta let the blog get away from me for a couple of days! I’m gonna update each one as though I was doing them on their respective days, even though the date will clearly show that is a lie.

Anyway, this day was pretty drab and desolate. I had a severe pain on the back of my left foot that made walking a drag. Only one class on Tuesdays, so I went to it, spoke with my tutor – a professor in Maths – and then went home and pretty much just sulked in my room with my foot up the whole day.

Oh, one story. foot hurt but I still went out to get some dinner because I had pasta for lunch and nothing in my room but pasta to have for dinner. on the way, someone asked me if I knew how to get to the KFC, and I was going to KFC anyway, so talked with him for a bit. He looked for all the world like a slightly older version of my friend Sinan and it was kind of weird!

Boring day, which is why I forgot to update the blog. It was an Ibuprofen and watching documentaries from my bed kind of day.

Eeep, forgot to write this last night. Whoops.

For whatever reason, the walk that morning was HELL. Same walk as every morning, but it just drained me so much more. Part of why I forgot the blog is that I was in a sleepy haze all day.

Oh, had a big dinner with all of my flatmates. That was nice – we talked for over an hour, even with a fire alarm interrupting our meal.

Sorry for the lame excuse of a blog post but I don’t even remember too much from yesterday. It was a slog day and I’m glad it’s over.

More planning for the trips today, both with my friends and with my family – they’re gonna be happening one after the other, basically. And I did a bit of gaming with friends who hadn’t “seen” me since I left. So overall, today was a lot of talking to people on the internet!

In the end, decided that a hostel for the family would be the best bet. I went out on a walk to check it out, and saw someone knifing his bike down a hill. Basically, knifing is when you want to slow down without breaking – you twist the front wheel back and forth to kill your speed. (Full disclosure – I don’t know if that’s the word most cyclists used, but at least one other one does, so hey.) I don’t do it personally – I tend to just be at low speed all the time, and if it’s a steep enough hill that I’d need to knife (ie that braking doesn’t work well enough), I would probably walk the bike, unless it was a straightaway where I can get speed without a safety concern. Anyway, this guy is knifing but also using his shoes, and I yell, “Man, hills suck, don’t they?” We chatted for a bit – his name was Dave, and his brakes were shot.

I couldn’t find the hostel in the dark – google maps tells me I passed it, so I’ll check it out tomorrow in the day since it’s very close to University.

Would post more but I should get to bed, early lecture tomorrow. I think now that my classes are finalized I’ll post which ones I have every day on the blog, just so you know.